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Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. ~Albert Einstein

Children learn best through play. During the course of play they learn social attainments such as taking turns and working together, as well as  absorbing the fundamentals of the lesson without even realizing that they are doing so. The stories, songs and art projects in IIT Kids curriculum  for  2 years old, help prepare your child develop his/her understanding of new concepts, language, vocabulary and sensory motor skills.  Recognizing that this is a critical year in a child’s development, the program provides an expansive set of activities centered around milestones that are two year old specific .

To meet the developmental needs of 3 years old , the curriculum incorporates learning activities to develop logical and sequential  thinking, communication skills , prenumber and prewriting skills, appreciation of creative arts and confidence building.We follow the Montessori  and play way methods for the nursery kids.

Academically we use books and work books to help instruct the kids a good deal of basic accomplishments they need for kindergarten and school. This will include drawing coloring without scribbling, counting. Writing alphabets(upper & lower case), basic math conceptions as patterns , understanding and numerous simple addition and subtraction, phonics, reading 2,3 letter words. Topics such as social and natural science to exaggerate the child’s horizons, betting their vocabulary at the same time.  The self designed workbooks at IIT Kids introduce new challenges to your child- attainments and conceptions they have not yet learnt.

With the support and encouragement of qualified teachers, your child will learn new skills, achieve their goals and gain self assurance that will be helpful when they begin going to big school.

As the physical developmental exercises are equally important for these young learners,so KARATE classes are being conducted for these little ones to keep them physically fit

As SCIENCE is an important part of the curriculum for these Kindergarten children,we at IIT KIDS have a 'SCIENCE CLUB:  LITTLE EINSTEIN'S CLUB" where our young learnerns explore the new dimensions of the field .Here these young scientists learn by doing; they perform the experiments,observe,draw hypothesis and conclude.Teachers work only as felicitators.

                 OUR MOTTO IS TO Develop curiosity amongst these young learners

With the support and encouragement of qualified teachers, your child will learn new skills, achieve their goals and gain self assurance that will be helpful when they begin going to big school.


FACILITIES – infrastructure – atmosphere in which kids spend time should be decent and presentable. That is why we have laid lots of stress on the infrastructure. The walls are colorfully painted with educational themes.

STAFF – well trained, devoted + dedicated staff. They making the children feel at home while at school.

1)  Less than 1 year till they walk on their own    1 : 1
2)  1.8 years  – 2 years                                             1 : 2
3)  2 years     – 2.5 years                                          1 : 3
4)  2.5 years  – 4.5 years                                          1 : 5

GOOD HABITS – It is our endeavor to inculcate good mannerism, etiquettes and good habits in the children so they develop into responsible citizens.

PICK UP AND DROP FACILITIES – We provide pick up and drop facilities even for the daycare kids.

MEALS –We encourage kids to eat healthy and nutritious food. Parents are being given the menu for the breakfast and lunch.

HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT – Age appropriate activities are planned for the kids. Toys and books are provided to children according to their age and interest.

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