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Educated people can be easily governed. ~Frederick The Great

Yoga and Get fit kids exercises

Have been included in the curriculum. This has helped in building self-confidence and in the physical and mental growth of the kids.





Karate Class

To develop the self-defense, karate classes are conducted in the school by trainers for kindergarten children.





Parachute Play

Includes parachute play in their curriculum. It is an educational and fun play for kids. Encourages co-operation, strengthens upper torso





Brain gym with music

Enhance learning; improve overall concentration of kids required for reading, writing etc. We have incorporated brain gym exercises for kids.





      Little Einstein Science Club

 To raise the curiosity amongst young    learners  and to sensitize about the  happenings around  them, the school has  started with its science club for its  KINDERGARTEN children.Wherein; these  kids perform the experiments under the  guidance of well-trained felicitators.








Show and Tell

As for Kindergarten children,show n tell is important. It provides the child with an opportunity to share with classmates something special to him/her. In addition to feeling excited, proud, etc. about his/her item, many reading and language arts objectives are addressed. Keeping this in mind we here at IIT KIDS conduct this session with our nursery and kindergarten children once in every 15 days.

Phonics Session

Phonics refers to a system of reading instruction that teaches children the relationship between letters and the sounds they represent.When students "sound out" a word, they are drawing upon knowledge of phonics to figure out the pronunciation of that word. Mastery of phonics enables children to learn to read with greater confidence and ease.

Colour Days Celebrations

To teach the children about the various colours,we here at IIT Kids celebrate various colour days, wherein our entire team and kids come dressed up in the colour that we celebrate on that particular day. Various activities are being performed related to the colours.




Puppet shows

The school organizes regular puppet shows to let the children act out imaginative stories that have no bounds. The teachers use puppets in classrooms to narrate stories to the kids.

 Field trips

 To give our kids firsthand information,  experience real things and add new  information to what is known already, we take  the kids out for field trips every month. 




Fun Day Sports



Children's Day_14... on Wed- November 1, 2017
Annual Concert_Ma... on Sat- March 3, 2018
Annual Sports Day... on Sat- December 23, 2017
Annual Science Ex... on Sat- October 14, 2017
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